AV Retriever - Novice Field Trial - 3rd October 2022

AV Retriever - Novice Field Trial - 3rd October 2022 to be held on 03 Oct 2022 at CHECKLEY WOOD SHOOT by kind permission of Ivor Beavis

Event Type: Retriever Field Trial

Closing Date: 19 Sep 2022

Draw Date: 19 Sep 2022

Draw Time / Location: 18:00 / System - Online by FT Sec


  • Novice
    • Members Entry Fee: £50
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £60
    • Max Entries: 14
    • Judges: Mr S McGrath , Dawn Scott , R Mort , Philip Goulden

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mr Stuart Woodcock
Garagill Able
Ms Kathryn Robey
Mynydddu Heather
Chris Kettle
Ristbrow Bertie
Mr. Neils Henrik Hansen
Millcottage Pigeon of Labdom
Mrs. M.A. Cox
Ardgreen Tye of Lowtrey
Mr Keith Broomfield
Goldieslie Meadow Platt
Mrs Kim Dutton
Ravenvalley Cassley
Mrs Victoria Stanley
Neil Appleton
Claire Salter
Jofless Keane
Birgitta Staflund-Wiberg
Miss Bossings Master of the House
Nick Mercer
Turpingreen Han of Lanefoot
Paul Edmonds
Kynigos Midnight Magic
Jackie Martin
Goldieslie Queen's Coppice
Doug Ingall
Stauntonvale Affogato at Connisbrook
Mrs Judith White
Minstead Boa vista
Mr Gary McCarthy
Hilbre Jackson of Thorsrock
Mr Scott Marland
Jaycote Game Brooke
Mr Josh Gresty
Baby Belle at Seaton
Mrs Suzanne Bailye
Plumpark Eve
Mr Michael Crutchley
Mitforton Teal
mr James L. Murphy
Miss Samantha Selwood
Diglake Zara
Mrs Sue Hutton
Beggarbush Brook
Mrs Thelma Blumenthal
Buccleuch Elegance of Leacaz
Lee Hartis
Drakeshead Fisk of Leacaz
Ms Clare Gould
Kilpen Briar
Mr J.K. Littlemore
Porterswood Skye at Middlebrook
Nicola Reynolds
Greenbriar Black Kite
Mrs Sue Berman
Suthcharic Roux
Mrs Liz Taylor
Valleyend Kamalane
Steve Richardson
Marstonprior Grenadier of Wedgnock
Mrs Louie Robertson
Rawcroft Rummage of Mitforton
Mitforton Spectre
Sara Gadd
Brindlebay Annet
Miss Chrissie Thomas
Roughbeat Melchior
Mrs Marlene Edvinsson
Miss Bossings Merlin
Mrs. V. Waterfield
Brocklebank Diamond
L.P. Venis
venvill tidy
Gill Awty
Artistryn Bingo at Maddistream
Mr Kevin Butler
Turpingreen Estrada
M.J. Tallamy
Adoraden Abbie of Tarncrag
MR David Clayton
klato Indri
Mr simon capstick
Finefields Goose
Gunnerspeg Drummer
Paul Wheeler
Staalwijk’s Otto of Willowrise
D.H. and Mrs. J. Dunckley
Belspaddle Tarrasman of Smithsteads
Simon Hansell
Jobeshill Barbuda of Rimrock
Annie Wales
Brockweir Samphire of Spiralline
Phil Bruton
Kilpen Ash
Mr Gary Collier
Hawksgarth Maddison
Mrs Rachael Pugh-Lewis
Mrs Tess Lawrence
Willowyck Thatcher
The Duchess of Devonshire
Cheesecake Artillery
Mrs. C. Winfield
Diglake Jonjo of Avonford
Mr John Yarwood
Trefaldwyn Quality Brand
Lucinda Joule
Swift Lily
Mrs. Jane Coley
Kilpen Nightcap of Waterford
Carol Probert
Etomanni Amber

AV Retriever - Novice Field Trial - 3rd October 2022 - Novice

Position Owner Status
1 Mrs Rachael Pugh-Lewis Runner
2 Mrs Louie Robertson Runner
3 Mrs Sue Hutton Runner
4 Simon Hansell Runner
5 Nick Mercer Runner
6 Sara Gadd Runner
7 Mrs. V. Waterfield Runner
8 Mrs Liz Taylor Runner
9 Mr Josh Gresty Runner
10 D.H. and Mrs. J. Dunckley Runner
11 Paul Wheeler Runner
12 Steve Richardson Runner
13 Mrs. M.A. Cox Runner
14 Mrs Victoria Stanley Runner
15 Paul Edmonds Reserve
16 Miss Samantha Selwood Reserve
17 Chris Kettle Reserve
18 The Duchess of Devonshire Reserve
19 Mrs. C. Winfield Reserve
20 Mr Kevin Butler Reserve
21 Jackie Martin Reserve
22 Nicola Reynolds Reserve
23 Carol Probert Reserve
24 MR David Clayton Reserve
25 Neil Appleton Reserve
26 Ms Clare Gould Reserve
27 Mr J.K. Littlemore Reserve
28 Mrs Suzanne Bailye Reserve
29 Mr Scott Marland Reserve
30 Mr simon capstick Reserve
31 Mr Keith Broomfield Reserve
32 Mr John Yarwood Reserve
33 Lee Hartis Reserve
34 Miss Chrissie Thomas Reserve
35 Phil Bruton Reserve
36 Mr Stuart Woodcock Reserve
37 Annie Wales Reserve
38 Mr Michael Crutchley Reserve
39 Lucinda Joule Reserve
40 Mr. Neils Henrik Hansen Reserve
41 M.J. Tallamy Reserve
42 Ms Kathryn Robey Reserve
43 Doug Ingall Reserve
44 Mrs Marlene Edvinsson Reserve
45 Mrs Kim Dutton Reserve
46 Birgitta Staflund-Wiberg Reserve
47 Gill Awty Reserve
48 Mrs Tess Lawrence Reserve
49 Mr Gary Collier Reserve
50 Mrs Thelma Blumenthal Reserve
51 Mr Gary McCarthy Reserve
52 Claire Salter Reserve
53 Mrs. Jane Coley Reserve
54 L.P. Venis Reserve
55 Mrs Judith White Reserve
56 Mrs Sue Berman Reserve
57 mr James L. Murphy Reserve
58 Mrs Louie Robertson Reserve
59 Mr simon capstick Reserve
60 Mrs Rachael Pugh-Lewis Reserve


he Society held four trials in 2021, all held at Checkley Wood Shoot by kind permission of Ivor Beavis; a novice and open retriever trial and a novice and open spaniel trial. The Society is extremely grateful to all the people who made the trials a success; the judges, volunteer helpers and especially the Guns who support the trials and help make them financially viable.

Novice AV Retriever trial, 27th September 2021

Judges: Dave Brown, Vikki Stanley, Peter Thompson, Carole Clarke,

The trial was held in a stubble field, with many of the shot birds falling into rough ground at the edge of Checkley Brook. The thick cover proved too much for some of the novice dogs, with many failing to find or being eye wiped. Towards the end of the trial the birds were falling into open ground but scenting conditions were poor and the last four dogs were put out after failing to find a bird in a grass field. There were no awards.

AV Retriever - Novice Field Trial - 3rd October 2022 - Novice