Health and Safety

Revised MAY 2022

General Policy is to:-

Provide knowledge of the Health and Safety requirements which must be followed in order to ensure the well being of everyone involved.

Provide adequate control of the Health and Safety risks arising from our activities.

Provide information and, where necessary, safety equipment for those involved.

Ensure that all those involved in a Field Trial are competent to undertake shooting activities/tasks and are fit and able to negotiate difficult terrain. (See also Shotgun Safety below).

Prevent accidents and cases of related ill health wherever possible.

Review and revise this policy at regular intervals


Overall responsibility for health & safety is with the Committee. The Hon. Secretary and/or the Chief Steward at any event will be responsible for compliance on the day. CNWSRSS will minimise risk as far as possible at all events. All those involved with Working Tests/Field Trials and shoot activities have legal responsibilities to take care of their own health and safety and that of others and to co-operate in order to comply with the law. ALL those involved must:-

Be co-operative on health and safety matters

Not interfere with anything provided to safeguard health and safety

Take reasonable care of their own health and safety

Report all health and safety concerns to the Chief Steward/Secretary.

Individual handlers are responsible for the welfare and conduct of their dogs and must carry out their own risk assessment of the tasks asked of their dogs during the event.

A copy of this Health and Safety Policy Statement will be available at our events and will be held by the Chief Steward/Secretary. All participants have a responsibility to make themselves aware of the contents and abide by the guidelines.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments will be undertaken by the Chief Steward/Secretary before commencement of the event.

Any findings of risk assessments will be reported to Secretary/Chief Steward or the Chairman.

Assessments will be reviewed annually.

Action required to remove/control risks will be approved by the Secretary/ Chief Steward.

First Aid

A first aid kit will be available.

All accidents to be reported to the chief steward/secretary who will be responsible for investigating accidents and act upon such findings to prevent a recurrence.

Anti field-sports Lobbyists

All those involved in our events, particularly Field Trials, should be observant at aall times of the risk of malevolent aaction from anti-field sports lobbyists. If anything unusual is observed, circumstances should be immediately reported to the Cheif Steward/Secretary, any committee member or Gamekeeper who will ensure appropriate action is taken i.e. that the Police or other appropriate authority is contacted if deemed necessary.


Health and Safety Protocols. Car Parking and Transport

Where necessary, access to the meet of a field trial or test will be clearly marked with signs. At all trials there will be a certain amount of off road driving. At some trials there may only be access by 4x4 vehicles and some competitors with their dogs and spectators may be asked to share vehicles or walk. All competitors and spectators must make their own transport arrangements except where transport is provided by the shoot.

Pre Field Trial or Working Test Briefing

The Chief Steward/Secretary will be identified at the beginning of the event and will outline safety measures at the briefing. All persons attending must consider themselves under the control of the Secretary, Chief Steward, Stewards and Officials of the Club. Any member of the committee or attendee must inform the chief steward/secretary if they see anything dangerous or potentially dangerous during the course of the event. Anyone present who perceives a potential risk should report this to the officials.

At each Field Trial the following will have specific responsibilities:-

Chief Steward: Make announcements before the trial commences, including any particular risks or safety issues. During the trial, oversee the organisation and any relevant safety matters with regard to the guns, helpers, competitors and Steward of the Beat (Gamekeeper or Host): To assist in conducting the trial, and make all present aware of any particular hazards. Jointly with the Shoot Captain they will ensure the guns are aware of good safety practices and will oversee the placing of the guns and will be responsible for running the line.

Judges: To be aware of any hazards and conduct the trial with regard to safe practices for handlers, their dogs and any helpers or spectators.

Flagman: To carry a red flag indicating the safe location of spectators/ competitors not in line.

Guns should be aware of the location of the flag and spectators should stay close to the flag. ONCE THE EVENT HAS STARTED, NO ONE IS TO LEAVE WITHOUT FIRST NOTIFYING THE CHIEF STEWARD/SECRETARY OR ONE OF THE JUDGES. (Kennel Club Rule J9b(12) refers)

Everyone present is expected to comply with the highest standards of safety and sportsmanship with respect for their dogs, quarry, wildlife and the countryside in general. Any unsafe or inappropriate behaviour will result in instant dismissal from the event and may result in expulsion from the Club. Children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.


In cases of extreme weather conditions, the event may have to be cancelled. In hot, dry conditions to minimise the risk of fire, dependant on the ground, there may be a request for no-smoking.


The ground used for our events is diverse and challenging countryside where walking may be difficult. A good level of fitness is required for participants, dogs and spectators and it is recommended that suitable footwear is worn and appropriate clothing according to the sport's custom.

Shotgun Safety

All participants carrying guns must have an up to date shotgun licence as well as current insurance cover (with weapons to be used on the day entered on the Certificate) and this must be made available to a CNWSRSS Official for inspection prior to commencement on the day of the event. All participants carrying guns at trials should have experience in shooting game and be fully conversant with shotgun safety as set out by official bodies such as BASC and NGO etc. before accepting an invitation from the Club to shoot at a trial. Each gun must in addition be a competent shot and be fully aware of shooting safety protocol. Shotgun safety and security is the sole responsibility of the person carrying the gun and CNWSRSS can accept no liability for any incident arising from misuse or negligence.


Normally, there are no outside caterers at any of our Events. Competitors and spectators must make their own arrangements for themselves and their dogs.


In the event of an emergency, the Chief Steward/Secretary will have a mobile phone with the numbers of the local emergency services. Please be aware that sometimes there can be no service and the Secretary will elect persons to leave the venue to seek help. Veterinary support will also be available for canine emergencies (please see running card). Any accidents will be recorded.

Please note that by accepting a run, or invitation to participate/spectate or officiate at any events organised by the CNWSRSS, you are deemed to have read, understood and be willing to abide by the Health & Safety Rules Regulations as set out in this policy statement.