Retriever Results

Field Trials 2023/34

Novice AV Retriever trial, 20th September 2023

Judges: Steve Richardson (A2849), Clare Wood (B3228) Leigh Jackson (NP3024) and Nigel Barton (NP)

The trial was held in a field of kale cover crop, quite tall in places which tested the marking abilities of both dogs and handlers. Birds came steadily to the Guns who shot extremely well; some birds fell over a rather impenetrable hedge but the judges put dogs and handlers in places where they were able to show their dogs abilities.

Two dogs completed the trial, first place being awarded to Scott Marland’s Jaycote Game Brooke and second to David Field’s Artistryn Dice. Both dogs went on to win Open trials and qualify for the IGL Retriever Championships, with Scott being awarded a Diploma of Merit. Bella Brown’s dog was awarded Keeper’s Choice at the novice trial.

Open 24 dog Open AV Retriever trial 25th/26th  October 2023

Judges: Jayne Coley (A1850) John Yarwood (A3484) Neil Appleton (B3759) Phil Bruton (A2718)

On the first day of the trial the dogs were taken to a cover crop of stubble turnips with a block of maize in the centre. The Guns produced some testing retrieves, some in the crop, some out into the neighbouring grass field. At the end of the day 7 dogs were left for day two. On the second day the dogs were walked up through a field of white grass, then along Checkley Brook and finishing up by a lake. The dogs were tested on some extremely challenging retrieves, but four dogs remained at the end of the trial and the judges awarded:

First – David Latham’s FTCh Fendawood Harold

Second – Simon Hansell’s Jobeshill Barracuda of Rimrock (also awarded Keeper’s Choice and Gun’s Choice)

Third – Carol Probert’s Etommani Amber of Corsemalzie

Fourth – Eden Parish’s FTCh Tarnedge Flynn


Retriever Novice 14 Dog Trial, Checkley Wood 22nd januray 2024

The last trial of the season at Checkley Wood Shoot, by kind permission of Ivor Beavis.

The judges were Nicola Reynolds, Simon David Capstick, Phil Goulden and Chris Kettle.

The guns were Nick Beavis, John Yarwood and Chris Brookes.

Despite the overnight and early morning high winds, the trial started with some very pleasant weather in cover crop, moving onto a long trek along Checkley Brook. The ground provided some challenging retrieves for all the dogs, most of them showing some very good dog work in the first two rounds.

After a long, long walk along Checkley Brook, the third round stretched the dogs a little more, and at the end there was just one dog standing. A very well deserved first place was awarded to Gary Collier’s Golden Retriever bitch, Goosetree Shooting Star.

Many thanks to all those who volunteered to come and help; to Suzanne Bailye and David Boardman for carrying game, to Wayne Skett for picking up, to Phil Brown for carrying the red flag, and especially to Kim Dutton and Pat Dixon for dog stewarding. Thanks to our sponsors, Skinners



Working Tests


Our test was held at Checkley Wood Shoot, with kind permission of Ivor Beavis.
All dogs were tested on their marking, handling, and hunting ability with all tests meant to recreate what is expected of a normal picking up day in the lovely grounds of Checkley Wood.
Our lovely judges, Tim Brain, Wayne Skett, Ken Littlemore and Kelly Rogers-Davidson did a fantastic job, Thank you to them, and all our brilliant helpers, these days do not go on without you. We owe you a big thank you.
Although there were some failures along the way, there were some dogs that shone on the day. We hope that all handlers will go home with a bit of homework and come back next year to try again.
Working test are put on to test your dogs. They are a social event from which everyone should go home happy having spent a pleasant day amongst like minded people and dogs.
The sun shone on us today, and we had a fantastic day.
1st Gill Awty - Cleestangate Majestic at Maddistream
2nd Neil Appleton _ Brymhall Benji at Applebriar
3rd Kim Dutton -Alltfraith Crystal
CoM -Ness Gilham -Fletchingly Langamull
CoM - Morwenna Hext-Howe - Alltfraith Cadet
1st Gill Awty - Artistryn Bingo at Maddistream
2nd Adrian Blackledge - Jayecote Firefly at Turtonmoor
3rd Ruth Warner - Cornstraw Snipe
CoM Devina Long__Minstead Hollis at Baldaus
CoM Nessa Gilham _ Fletchingly Annraidh
Well done Gill - a good day in the office xxx